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When you take advantage of the Food-Safety Bonus Pack, you get From Supermarket to Leftovers, Chemical Cuisine and a set of free sponges. You would normally pay $39 for the print versions of these two publications. By taking advantage of this special offer, you'll save 20% and get tons of useful information and advice for keeping your food safe... plus the free sponges! Available in both print and digital formats.
Want all this great food-safety information and advice from at one low price? Take advantage of the Food-Safety Bonus Pack. Everyone can use the straightforward, honest, and healthful information from to stay well and keep food safe. We know you want to live a long and healthy life, so we’ve put together this special Food-Safety Bonus Pack just for you. Take a look at what you’ll get: From Supermarket to Leftovers: A Consumer’s Guide to Buying, Preparing, Cooking and Storing Food Safely You and your family should be safe when shopping, preparing, and cooking your food. And Nutrition Action wants to help you accomplish that, so here is the ultimate guide for consumers on food safety! You won’t find this valuable information and advice in one place anywhere, except from Nutrition Action! Chemical Cuisine: Your guide to food additives Worried about the safety of the list of unpronounceable additives on packaged foods in your supermarket? Chemical Cuisine: Your guide to food additives is the best guide to chemicals and additives in your food – the safe, the unsafe, and the untested. Free with your order! A pair of kitchen sponges, specially designed to help keep you and your family safe from E.coli, Salmonella, and other deadly germs. It’s a fact that – to be safer – you shouldn’t use the same sponge to wash dishes that you use to clean your counters (where dangerous bacteria can hide). Don’t wait any longer to order the Food Safety Bonus Pack. This offer is a great way to get all the best food-safety information to keep you and your loved ones safe—and at a price much lower than if you purchased these guides separately.