Nutrition & Health Advances 2012

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Nutrition & Health Advances 2012 Digital
Collected from the pages of the award-winning Nutrition Action Healthletter, this special report will give you snapshots of emerging research on a broad range of important topics. Each “quick study” summarizes the results of a recent study—on vitamin D and diabetes, say—in easy-to-understand language. And we always end with a “What to do” section that helps you figure out how to use the results to improve your health.
How to keep abreast of the best research and studies on nutrition and health. From emerging research on diet and disease to the latest thinking on exercise and nutrition, you’ll use Nutrition & Health Advances 2012 every day! Order this special report, so you’ll immediately benefit from the latest proven research on health and nutrition. The Nutrition & Health Advances 2012 report has been compiled especially for you by our expert staff of scientists and nutritionists with one goal in mind: to keep you up-to-date on the latest research and studies from 2012 on nutrition, weight control, exercise, and disease prevention. That’s exactly why you should you’ll start benefiting today from 2012’s most current research and studies on nutrition, weight control, exercise, and disease prevention. Nutrition & Health Advances 2012 is divided into three sections: Nutrition & Health, Weight Control, and Exercise & Health. With articles such as: • “Vitamin D & Diabetes: Study offers clues about whether vitamin D helps” – Read about it on page 4. • “Getting Fat on Sugary Drinks: Three new studies point to link between sugary drinks and obesity — See page 15. • “Slimming on Salad: Low-calorie salads proven to help with weight loss” – Discover how on page 17. • “Salt & Taste: Can low-salt bread taste good?” – Get the answer on page 9. • “Magnesium & Stroke: Will magnesium-rich foods help lower the risk of stroke?” – Find out on page 6. • “Vitamins C, E & Eyes: Can these antioxidant vitamins prevent macular degeneration that causes blindness in older people?” – Answer on page 5. • “Sodas & Heart Disease: Is there a link?” – Discover why two conflicting studies differ on page 4. • “Soy & Breast Cancer: Is the latest study definitive?” – Find out “what to do” about soy intake on page 5. • And many, many more health studies…more than 37 total research studies covered… in the pages of Nutrition & Health Advances 2012.