Healthy Recipes. Fast And Fresh Soups And Side Dishes

Creative soups, satisfying stews, and delicious grain and vegetable side dishes are just a mouse click away. Healthy, delicious recipes that you can make tonight, each of them taste- and nutrition-tested in the test kitchens of Order your own copy of Fast and Fresh Soups and Side Dishes today!

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Nutrition-tested, taste-tested, and kitchen-tested recipes … recipes that are easy to make and good for you, too!

Looking for a creative soup or delicious side dish for tonight’s meal? Want recipes that have been rigorously tested for ease of preparation, tastiness, and healthy nutritional standards?

Order Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Soups and Side Dishes, Look no further: Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Soups and Side Dishes gives you the best collection of scrumptious soups, stews, and vegetable and grain side-dish recipes available online—each of them taste- and nutrition-tested in the test kitchens of

This collection of recipes for luscious soups and side dishes was created by’s Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood, so that you can make for yourself and your family and friends the tasty dishes she has chosen, especially for you. Kate’s recipes emphasize variety and taste—dishes that can be made quickly and easily and that deliver terrific taste!

In Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Soups and Side Dishes , we’ve included interesting side dishes that are easy on the arteries yet delectable to the taste buds. An added bonus: Those ingredients are precisely the ones that are easiest on the planet, too!) Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Soups and Side Dishes have been taste- and nutrition-tested in’s test kitchen to ensure they are:

  • Easy to prepare,
  • Healthy for your body, and
  • Delicious for your tastebuds!

Each recipe lists the calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, cholesterol, and sodium – all the knowledge you need to make soups and sides a big part of a healthy, delicious diet. And, like everything at, the information is based on our own independent analysis of the latest scientific research.

People have been eating soups and stews for more than 8,000 years. Our recipes are not that old, but they have stood the test of time! And most of them can be used to start a meal or as a stand-alone dish. The side-dish recipes, designed to accompany main courses, can also be prepared as your main course itself by adding a bit of chicken or seafood, turning the recipe into a delicious and nutritious complete meal!

Don’t miss these fantastic recipes (and this is just a sampling of the 30 delicious and nutritious recipes included in this collection):

  • Roasted Red Pepper Soup (on page 2)
  • Wild Rice Salmon Chowder (on page 6)
  • Orzo & Roasted Tomatoes (on page 15)
  • Asparagus Risotto (on page 18)
  • Mushroom-Rosemary Orzo (on page 19)
  • Spinach with Toasted Pine Nuts (on page 22)
  • Butternut Squash with Cranberries (on page 25)
  • Snap Peas with Mustard Vinaigrette (on page 28)
  • And many, many more easy-to-prepare delicious dishes!

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