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Summer, 2016

The Current Issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter is: September 2016.
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Welcome to Nutrition Action Healthletter’s customer service department page. This page will help you understand your print or digital subscription to Nutrition Action Healthletter and what some of our publishing policies are. Here, we have 4 main sections of Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions; our Publishing Schedule; Contact Us; and Pricing. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact us right away.

— Mr. Chris Schmidt, Customer Service Manager

General Questions

Q: I would like to purchase a subscription to the Canadian Edition of Nutrition Action but cannot find a way. What am I missing?

A: Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately Nutrition Action Healthletter is not currently selling subscriptions to the Canadian Edition (Print or Digital) or accepting orders from Canadian addresses. The Canadian Edition of Nutrition Action Healthletter was discontinued effective with the December 2015 issue. **Update – Subscription Ordering in Canada (of the US Edition) is set to come back in 2017. Please check this site in January.**

Q: How do I order a Gift Subscription for someone else?

A: To order a gift subscription go to: Order Gift Subscriptions and follow the instructions. Nutrition Action Healthletter only offers Gift Subscriptions to our Print Edition and for a One year term. (not currently available in Canada)

Q: I have linked my U.S. print subscription to my free online account. I then tried to access the Digital archive and the site prompted me to make a purchase. Why?

A: Digital access to the Nutrition Action Healthletter archive requires purchasing a digital edition subscription. Access is not included in an existing print subscription.
The U.S. digital edition of Nutrition Action Healthletter, included within a 5 year digital-issue archive, can be purchased by subscription for yourself by going to: Click here to order the U.S. edition.
First time access requires purchasing a digital edition term. (not available in Canada)

Q: If I purchase digital archive access what do I recieve?

A: Purchasing Nutrition Action Healthletter digital archive access by subscription grants access to past issues dating back to January/February 2011. You also receive access to each new issue that publishes during your subscription term. The archive is web based and is designed for use in current web browsers and on browser enabled tablets and e-readers. The archive is searchable and issues may be downloaded to pdf. We will send you an email when each new issue is posted.
(not available as a gift subscription or in Canada)

Q: For my print subscription, where do I find my Subscription ID number and my subscription expiration date?

A: They are both to the left of your name on your Nutrition Action Healthletter issue mailing label, for example:

ID: 71632519 JUN16 16041M … Mr. C. Schmidt

The eight-digit number to the left of your name is your subscription ID number. Please use it on all correspondence to us. On the same line, next to your eight-digit subscription ID number, is the expiration date of your subscription. (Ex. JUN16 means June 2016, or JUL17 would mean July/August 2017).

Q: Can I change my print subscription mailing address on your Web site?

A: No, not quite yet. Please send us an email with both your old and new address at

Q: Is your site accessible on all web browsers?

A: Yes. This site is designed to work on the latest versions of all popular web browsers-
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. There is a known color issue with computers running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. If you think this might be affecting your interaction with the site please update IE or try another browser. If you are using a business computer you may need to consult with your IT department first.

Q: What is your return or refund policy?

A: For any product you’ve ordered – digital or in print – the product is always yours to keep. Our commitment is to help you improve your diet and your health, so please keep anything you’ve ordered. For subscription orders to Nutrition Action Healthletter, we’ll refund you the unused portion of your subscription if you’re unsatisfied at any time. For your protection and for auditing purposes, please submit any refund request in writing – by letter, fax, or email. Refunds are issued by check.
But, we’d rather keep you as a subscriber, so please allow us to extend your subscription for two issues, for FREE, if you are ever unsatisfied – at any time for any reason.

Q: What is your shipping and handling policy?

A: For digitally delivered products, we don’t believe you should pay any shipping or handling, so there is no charge for that. For print products, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. For print subscriptions to Nutrition Action Healthletter, postage, shipping, and handling costs are included in the subscription price.

Q: For some reason my postal carrier didn’t deliver the latest print version of my issue. Can you send it to me again?

A: Yes. Please contact us at Include your name, address (for verification) and subscription ID number. Your replacement print issue should arrive to you within 3 weeks.

Q: I’m accidentally receiving two copies of each issue. Can you combine them?

A: Yes. Please write us at with the two subscription ID numbers and the correct name and address to keep. We will merge them and assign a new expiration date.

Q: I saw a nutrition report from Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) the other day. How do I go about getting a copy?

A: CSPI has produced many reports, brochures, and booklets on nutrition and food safety since 1971. Many are available through this site under the Store tab. To inquire about others, write to

Q: I want to talk to someone at Nutrition Action about past payments I’ve made. Who do I speak to?

A: Send your information request to along with your name, address and subscription ID number. We will research your file for you and correspond back.

Q: How can I send a letter to the editor; question a Nutrition Action writer or researcher; question a statement in Nutrition Action; or find out when that certain article ran?

A: For questions like these please write to We will consider all suggestions.

Q: Can I get an Index for last year?

A: Click here for an index of the 2013 U.S. edition.
Click here for an index of the 2013 Canadian edition.

Questions About Our Publishing Schedule

Q: How often do you publish Nutrition Action Healthletter?

A: We publish Nutrition Action Healthletter 10 times a year, monthly except a combined issue in January/February and in July/August. The approximate delivery dates for the Fall/Winter print issues are as follows:

Issue of Nutrition Action

Vol. #, Issue #

When print issue will deliver to you:

March 2016

Vol. 43 No. 2

February 25 through March 4

April 2016

Vol. 43 No. 3

Approximately April 1

May 2016

Vol. 43 No. 4

Approximately May 1

June 2016

Vol. 43 No. 5

Approximately June 1

July/August 2016

Vol. 43 No. 6

Approximately August 1


Generally you should receive each issue during the first week of the month its dated (add one week for Hawai’i and Alaska).

Example: The April issue should arrive in early April.

The combination issues should arrive at the beginning of their second month.

Example: The July/August issue should arrive in early August.

Questions About How to Contact Us

Customer Service can be reached at any of the following addresses:

Fax: (202) 265-4954

Phone: (202) 777-8393, from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time), Monday-Friday, except U.S. Holidays


U.S. and Foreign (not Canada)

Nutrition Action Circulation Department
1220 L Street, N.W., Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20005

Questions About Our Pricing

Q: What is the price of a Nutrition Action subscription?

A: In the United States the standard non-discounted cover pricing schedule is as follows:

  • One year (10 issues) $24
  • Two years (20 issues) $42
  • Three years (30 issues) $58.


Elsewhere in the world (except Canada) the cover pricing schedule is as follows:

  • One year (10 issues) U.S. $39