Healthy Foods: Your Guide To The Best Basic Foods

Discover how to make your food shopping easier and your food choices wiser with this guide to the best basic foods in your grocery store. When you have this practical tool helping you, you'll know how to identify what’s best in the supermarket.

Available in both print and digital formats.

Product Description

Do you want to know the best foods to shop for in your supermarket? The foods highest in powerful nutrients to help you ward off disease?

Well, here's an easy solution for you. Order this special report, and you'll have the foundation for your basic grocery shopping list. Use this booklet to ensure you'll always buy the best foods.

You know that eating less saturated fat, more fiber, and less salt and sugar can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, obesity, and other health problems. But supermarkets don't have aisles labeled "fat" or "salt" and few cooks prepare "fiber" for dinner!

That's exactly why you should learn what is best to eat ... and how to shop for healthful foods in your own supermarket. Discover the best of the basic foods when you order your own copy of Healthy Foods: Your guide to the best basic foods

Your copy of Healthy Foods: Your guide to the best basic foods includes:

  • The best fruit for you.
  • The best vegetables, scored and ranked for your easy selection.
  • How to choose the leanest meat.
  • Which beans are best?
  • Rating grains, so you always buy the healthiest ones.
  • The best nuts for your heart. And best seeds too!
  • Buy seafood that's good for your health ... and good for the environment.

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