Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Main Courses

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Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Main Courses Digital
Main courses that are easy, quick, and often made from ingredients you already have in your pantry. Healthy, delicious recipes that you can make tonight, each of them taste- and nutrition-tested in the test kitchens of Order your own copy of Fast and Fresh Main Courses today! Available in both print and digital formats.
Think you’re too busy to cook a scrumptious meal? Discover just how easy it is to cook and eat healthy…and how to do it like a professional chef! Looking for a creative, delicious main dish for tonight’s dinner? Want to feed your family a healthy meal, with easy-to-prepare gourmet recipes? Think you’re too busy to cook such a scrumptious meal? Well, here’s an easy solution for you. Order this right now, and you’ll have at your fingertips a diverse collection of delicious and nutritious recipes for “better-than-restaurant” dishes that will impress your friends and family. Try these seafood, chicken, and vegetarian main-dish recipes…every one of them taste- and nutrition-tested in the kitchen of In Healthy Recipes: Fast and Fresh Main Courses,’s Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood, has created main courses that are quick and easy, helping you get a healthy dinner on the table…even on the busiest days. A main course is usually the heartiest and most substantial dish in a meal, but we’ve included plenty of dishes that are vegetarian—or that utilize lighter ingredients like fish and chicken. At the same time, our recipes are rich in protein and other nutrients—and very tasty. Healthy Recipes: Fast & Fresh Main Courses is loaded with recipes, and each of them has been taste- and nutrition-tested in’s test kitchen to ensure they are: • Easy to prepare in your own kitchen; • Healthy for you, to help you lose weight and provide you all the nutrients you need; • Delicious and satisfying to your tastebuds! Each recipe lists the calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, cholesterol, and sodium—all the knowledge you need to make these main courses a delicious part of your healthy diet. And, like everything at, the information is based on our own independent analysis of the latest scientific research, translated into everyday recipes to help you eat healthier. Open this to find a recipe to try, and you’ll discover just how easy it is to cook and eat healthy…and how to do it like a professional chef! Packed with 41 main-dish recipes, you’ll enjoy meals like these: • Pan-Seared Salmon with Citrus Salsa (recipe on page 5) • Pacific Cod with Citrus Dressing (recipe on page 6) • Fish Tacos—easy to make and absolutely delicious (recipe on page 8) • Creamy Lemon Chicken (recipe on page 12) • Saint-Tropez Chicken (recipe on page 17) • Asian Grilled Chicken Salad (recipe on page 25) • Turkey Tetrazzini (recipe on page 28) • Sicilian Eggplant & Chickpeas (recipe on page 29) • Lentil Curry (recipe on page 33) • Spring Vegetable Pesto Pasta (recipe on page 36) • Roasted Vegetable Primavera (recipe on page 38) • Mushroom-Rosemary Risotto (recipe on page 42) And each recipe is contained on a single page, so that they are easy to review and follow while you’re cooking—no messy page-turning when all the ingredients and directions are in clear view.